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B-52 Stratofortress 2016-10-05

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Great model, used it as the generic Strategic Bomber in my "2021 EXPANSION" mod. It looks and plays great.

I'm new to this forum, and new to the practice of adding new units, so if I sound stupid, please forgive, I'm still learning.

I want to compliment you on your B-52 unit. I downloaded a copy of it and used it in a personal unit mod scenario I made for self-training. This is really done nicely, looks great.

I do have a question for you if you dont mind? ALthough I have so far been able to hook it up right uising the PRTO references and such, and although it does function in the actual game, for some reason I CANNOT get it to actually destroy anything. It makes great visual and sound effects, but no matter what I do, it doesent damage anything. I even tried increasing the "Attack" strength, although I dident see how that should affect the outcome of a bomb run (Bombardment, right?).

I can get my WWII bomber to destroy, jet fighters doing strike mode, etc., in other words, the units that come standard. But the B-52 does not. What am I not seeing properly?

Please advise, I would REALLY appreciate it.

Thanks, Tom Bohnstedt
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