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B.O.P.E. Tropa de Elite CAVEIRAS! 2016-10-05

B.O.P.E. Tropa de Elite CAVEIRAS!

  1. KrugerPritz
    I derivated this unit from the russian marine made by Walter Hawkwood. I found it in Regiment and Ethnic Diversity of Gedemon and the m16 from Gedemon's Marine with m16 (He had found this rifle from Snafusmith) to do the Brazilian Batalhao de Opearaçoes Policiais Especiais - one of the best urban police combat team in the world:


    I've reduced the beret to look like the spanish type (the canadian type in Italy we call "Pizza" or "Airplanes' Carrier":D) and turned as the Brazilians wear it. I've changed the coats of arm and just recoloured the T-shirt from spetnaz blue and white lines to black.



    1. bopeimg2_GSZ.jpg
    2. bopeimg_87m.jpg
    3. bope_QNw.jpg