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Bannor Armageddon Scenario for FfH2 0.31e 2016-10-05

Bannor Armageddon Scenario for FfH2 0.31e

  1. Sureshot
    Bannor Armageddon Scenario for FfH2 0.31e

    Scenario Description:

    Hyborem has dominated Erebus with his Clan and Sheaim allies, all that remains of decent civilization is a small colony of the Bannor that was hidden in southern tundra regions.
    The colony of the Bannor cannot stay hidden long and will soon fall to the tide of evil...

    There is small hope for the Bannor, they have a few angels left over from before Basium's fall, the hero Donal Lugh, a cursed paladin in need of powerful healing, a reknowned champion general who is well equiped, and a dragon slaying hero who escaped the fall of the Grigori. Their only other friends are the protectors of the Elohim sanctuary, but they may not be receptive and are no match for the forces aligned against them.

    Ingame images:
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    The only religions in the scenario are Ashen Veil and the Order.
    It'll say that the Order has been founded somewhere at some point, but it won't actually be founded anywhere on the map. The idea behind this is that the Order was already founded a while back and the holy city destroyed along with everyone else. For production abilities of the cities of the Bannor and Elohim techwise are backwards reflecting their remoteness which is represented in their much lessened technological advancement.
    Bannor and Elohim can still get the Order in their cities by researching the Order tech and using the acolyte (you'll get a popup asking which religion you want to found, but you won't actually found any).
    Designed for Marathon speed, the rest of the game options set in the scenario are highly recommended for consistancy.
    All civs are playable, but the scenario was designed around the Bannor and giving them a nice challenge.
    For perspective, this actual map should be considered a very very small part of Erebus, with the rest being filled with Infernal, and this map being a fairly untouched remote area near artic wastes; the reason for this area being remote is due to the Lich king residing there and surrounding inhospitable land (the bannor colony and elohim sanctuary are in hidden valleys that are more pleasant).