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Battle for East Asia v2.0 2016-10-05

# Battle for East Asia
# Civilization 4 (c) 2005 Firaxis Games
# Requirement: Civ4 v1.61
# Created by - Jon 'Trip' Shafer
# Forum Thread:
# Release Date: May 6, 2006


The date is May, 2016. Domestic troubles have led to a grave weakening of Russia while political tensions between China and Taiwan have grown to a head. The United States has sent a fleet to help the small nation but ended up embroiled in the ensuing clash. China abandoned the UN and has prepared invasions throughout the region in an attempt to gain East Asian and world supremacy. With a powerful military and an ever-growing economy will they be able to dominate the area permanently or will the Allied Powers be able to stop Chinese advance?


There is a distinct lack of many Modern Age scenarios for Civ, and this was one of my motivating factors in deciding to make this scenario. The Modern Age is much better than in any previous Civ game and making it the showcase of a scenario is something I was exited to do. Between aircraft, big navies, mechanized units and yes, nukes, there are a lot of components to the latter part of the game that aren't available anywhere else.

It was also a good chance to test out some new art. Tom Symonds - a Firaxis artist - assisted me in this respect and for this scenario there are two new units: Mobile Artillery and Mobile SAM. Both are quite distinct and fill in a gap in the modern age left by the main game.

In the end though, it comes down to gameplay. It's nice to have a scenario which isn't focused on Europe for a change - instead you can opt to be the Chinese and try to conquer East Asia or one of the Allied nations trying to stop them. This plot existing in a near-future world where a lot of things are unraveling makes for an interesting stage for a massive war. Hopefully this scenario is unique, interesting and fun enough for a variety of people.

'Til lata
- Jon

Thanks to Tom Symonds for his Unit models and animation, Nolan for her leader flags, Rhye for his unit flags, the guys here at Firaxis and Take 2 for testing and everyone out there for playing.


(The above taken from the included readme)

To install simply extract the attached .zip file into Civ 4's \Mods\ folder or your \CustomAssets\Mods\ folder.

Have fun.


Oh, and if anyone was wondering where the mysterious Mobile Artillery and Mobile SAM came from, this is what they're for. ;)


You must have patch 1.61 installed to play!


v2 Fixes:
- Complete kills enabled (prevents Americans from losing if they capture a city which is then recaptured)
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