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Battle for Stalingrad - Soviet Side 2020-05-05

Battle for Stalingrad - Soviet Side October 1942

  1. Snodmaulvenn
    Battle for Stalingrad - Soviet Side, October 1942

    After three months of slow advance, the Germans finally reached the river banks, capturing 90% of the ruined city and splitting the remaining Soviet forces into two narrow pockets.

    After 27 September, much of the fighting in the city shifted north to the industrial district. Having slowly advanced over 10 days against strong Soviet resistance, the 51st Army Corps was finally in front of the three giant factories of Stalingrad: the Red October Steel Factory the Barrikady Arms Factory and Stalingrad Tractor Factory.

    In this scenario there is no building units only repairing existing tanks.
    All new units are received trough supply lines.
    Soviet side is on the defensive until they create Operation Uranus reinforcements in north and south supply lines.
    German will keep on receiving reinforcements in all bases in the center of the map until their supply line in north west of the map is overtaken.

    Game is lost or won when General is killed. Soviets have two generals.
    In this version Generals are mobile, so Soviets can move them on other side of the Volga.
    Game should be played with Civ3_NoRaze or else AI cant cross the Volga because it cant build transport ship if it razes all coastal "cities".
    There are no settler or worker units in the scenario.

    Battle for Stalingrad - Nazi Side, October 1942


    Units and other mod parts are from other mods and from civfanatics site.
    Thanks to all who make game units and game art.


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