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Battle Lines v2 2016-10-05

Battle Lines v2

  1. Ymir9
    An experimental, simple mod I cobbled together to try to make combat more engaging and dynamic.

    It applies the Winged Hussar's unique ability "Heavy Charge" (the ability to force defeated units to withdraw if they take more damage than itself) and applies it to all melee capable units, both land and sea. The Hussar is instead given the Blitz ability for balance.
    As these changes have made it much more difficult to hold land with vanilla settings, the maximum fortify bonus has been increased to 100%. The result seems to be a much more engaging and realistic battle dynamic, and it also has the nice side effect of rebalancing Japan's unique ability to be much more useful.

    Feedback very welcome! Let me know if you think this is a good idea. I'm especially interested in seeing if this new dynamic makes the AI play better or worse, since the AI's free promotions usually mean they hit harder and might be more likely to push back the player's defenders if he/she is unprepared.


    Barbarian Camps now provide a 50% defense bonus
    Heavy Charge now applies to Ironclad