Battle of Normandy

Units, graphics, and sounds are not my creation.
Units are from civfanatics site and from other mods.
Thanx to everyone that made and makes units.

Graphics are from civfanatics site and from websites.
Sound samples are from other games.
I didn't playtest this mod before uploading.


First playthrough, scenario starts with 900 placed units on british side
and 1100 units placed on german side, so it is a little laggy. It takes few minutes to load, and first few turns it takes few minutes for ai to complete.
After a few turns, turn done's take a min or two.
I have played about 16 turns in two days so far and it took 16 hours.
So to move all units in one turn it takes about 45 min to an hour.

In 16 hours i took 4 cities from ai.

The negative: I forgot to add attack to transports and so they can't run on a sea mine, they stop instead and its a mesage that this unit can't attack.
The minimum research time for tech is 8 turns and it should be 4.
The ai manages planes attack real bad, for exampleai will waste all planes on stacked ships and doesn't attack on land. I added too much radars to german towns so it is futile to bombard them also some roads are imune to bombardment.

The positive: Unit stats i think are balanced good.

To sum up: this scenario takes few days to win or lose, if you play 8 hours a day. There are alot of units to move.

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