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Battle of Zarklaw II 2016-10-05

Battle of Zarklaw II

  1. CurtSibling


    Welcome to the sequel to "Battle of Zarklaw". This is the latest version of a scenario
    series I have been working at for over 10 years. I started on these mods on CIV2 MGE,
    and then moved onto CIV ToT. The fantasy/RPG flavour storyline has been evolving,
    and I eventually created a comic based on the fleshed-out characters, realms and
    events that originated from the scenario.

    This is a scenario for CIV2 Test of Time. It takes place place in the rugged lands of
    a race called the Zatarn. Four kingdoms rival each other in the wartorn land that used
    to host a vast Zatarn empire. The object is to take command as king and regain
    absolute power over the others. Undermine your foes with priestess spies and gold,
    or the cold blades of your loyal warriors!

    How you play Battle of Zarklaw II is up to you - Good luck!

    Please note: This scenario is for CIV2 Test of Time.

    Check out the BOZ2 README included in PDF format. It will serve to explain how
    to install the scenario, what civs are playable, and give useful gameplay notes.

    Many thanks to Fairline for providing inspiration via his amazing CIV2 work...!



    1. boz2_claws_Tof.jpg
    2. boz2_screen1_2A1.jpg
    3. boz2_screen2_31i.jpg
    4. boz2_screen3_55z.jpg
    5. boz2_screen4_JRN.jpg