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Battle Of Zarklaw Patch 2016-10-05

Battle Of Zarklaw Patch

  1. Nicheal

    >>>Link: Decided to put this Patch out of Thread in here.<<<

    The Battle of Zarklaw is one of my favorite Scenarios.
    Many Addons/Improvements were released by Curt Sibling, its Creator,
    but only in Thread, and arent included on Download Section.
    My Patch includes all Addons/Improvements, and an own Alternative Rules/Events.txt.

    You could download Battle of Zarklaw by Sibling itself, and the BoZ Patch by Nicheal,
    unpack my .rar into the BoZ Main Folder. Some Files will be overwritten, dont worry!
    When i did my BoZ Patch, i also downloaded BoZ, took all Improvements by Sibling in,
    and backuped all original Files. No original File, no overwritten File will be missing.

    Then you can load by double-click the 64bit Batchfile which hopefully works,
    to choose, what you want to play: The original BoZ by Sibling, or the BoZ Patch by Nicheal.
    All is included. Original Files by Sibling as Backups. Improved Files by Sibling.
    Alternative Files by Nicheal. Just use this Patch as Addon, you wont fail!

    This is the Battle of Zarklaw Patch 1.3 by Nicheal.

    Have Fun!



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