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Battle of Zarklaw 2016-10-05

Battle of Zarklaw

  1. CurtSibling

    Welcome to the latest scenario in my fantasy series covering the races and areas of my “King Evil” world. It all started with “Bitterfrost” a scenario where you explored an conquered a large tundra island and also competed with other kingdoms for primacy. The same theme continued with the 2nd and 3rd installments, moving the action to a place called the jawbone, where inheritor cultures battled for space and wealth. Always the undead and ancients beset the players, even up to the 4th installment, which entered the world of the Zatarn, a race of blue-skinned beings (not Na’Vi!) that had more than a few cultural similarities to our world’s Viking peoples.

    The latest scenario now covers a war and political struggle within the Zarklaw, homelands of the Zatarn folk. A faction has adopted the Skeer faith and with support of Skeer agents has started a war to convert the pagan people of the Zatarn realms. Naturally, the bold lords of the traditional ways will not tolerate this. War is certainly assured. The goal is to take one of the Zatarn realms and either assist the primary lord (the Zefir under High Jaarl Voki) or rebel and make your own destiny. The Murklands, Khaarov, and Vorak are playable too.

    It is STRONGLY recommended that the player check out CIV2’s useful ‘Civilopedia’ for a full outline of new scenario content. This README will serve to explain how
    to install the mod, how to get started, what civs are playable, and the most essential gameplay notes. There will also be some reference on renamed mod content.

    Please note: This scenario is for CIV2 Test of Time.


    The Skern crusade begins in earnest! Will their deity approve?

    Stold soldiers hold the fort against raging Gombu cavalry!

    The glorious Khaarov army engages the Skern in a battle at Osterna's gates!

    Hope you enjoy this latest fantasy adventure - And check out the ReadMe doc!




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