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Beer, Farms, Forrest, Olympics and Gigantic World 2016-10-05

Beer, Farms, Forrest, Olympics and Gigantic World

  1. Rockstone

    For a while now I've seen some great mod-components come along. I would love to add these to my everyday BtS game. It started with the Forrests mod by The Navy Seal, but it got expanded by some great other mods. This combo is the standard mod that I´m using.

    I've been playing this for a while now, it seems to works fine. So I guess, here goes...
    My addition to the forums, Rockstone's Combomod containing:
    - The Forrest Mod by The Navy Seal.
    Adds Lumberyard and Furniture Factory.
    - Farms by Gurra09.
    Farms have a small chance of discovering Corn, Rice or Wheat.
    - Beer by Gurra09.
    New tech = Brewing, adds Brewery and Tavern.
    - Olympics mod by Affores.
    Adds random event, a city with a Collosseum can get selected to host the Olympics.
    - XXL World by Nevermind.
    Adds mapsizes XXL and Gigantic.
    All credits belong to the original authors. All I did was drop the files in the same directory and edit a few XML files. Theirs was the difficult part.

    This works fine with BtS 3.17. I do not know about other versions of Civ IV.
    Regards, Rockstone.