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Belém Tower 2016-10-05

Belém Tower

  1. Genghis.Khan
    Belém Tower

    Adds the Belém Tower as a Wonder in Sid Meier's Civilization V. Compatible with [civ5] Vannila, [GandK] Gods and Kings and Brave New World.
    This Modding Component is a part of the Sid Meier's Civilization V: Brave New World Modding Project UnOfficial Expansion: Rise and Fall of Empires. For more info about this project visit the Civilization Fanatics' Forum Thread

    The Belém Tower (or Tower of St. Vincent) was built from lioz limestone and is composed of a bastion and the 10 foot four storey tower. The iconic Tower was commissioned by King John II to be part of a defense system at the entrance of the Tagus river and a ceremonial gateway to Lisbon. Additionally, the Belém Tower is one of the most iconic buildings of the Portuguese Discoveries.

    Ingame the Belém Tower requires Astronomy and upon completing it 2 free Caravels and a free Great Admiral appear near this city in which it was built. Naval Units in the City in which the Belém Tower is constructed receive a 50% Defense :c5strength: Bonus when inside Friendly Territory.

    Spoiler :
    Version 2.0
    Spoiler :
    Removed the 1 :c5moves: Sight Bonus to Naval Units
    Added a 50% Homeland :c5strength: Defense Bonus for Naval Units
    Upon completing the Belém Tower 2 Caravels and 1 Great Admiral are now spawned instead of 3 Caravels

    Spoiler :
    Fixed the Wonder Completion Screen Quote Bug

    Please report any bugs or suggestions at the Development Thread


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