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Bellator-class Star Destroyer 2018-04-09

a star dreadnought straight out of your nightmares

  1. Meteor Man
    an Imperial star dreadnought straight out of your nightmares

    Includes: attack.flc, default.flc, death.flc, attack.wav, death.wav, .ini file, civilopedia icons, units32 pic, and a civilopedia entry (below)

    The Star Wars Unit Thread

    ^["Its the physical representation of every nightmare you had as a child, that feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach. It is Fear given a form."] -Hioshi Bellator on the use of the Tarkin Doctrine in the Bellator's design
    ^{Manufacturer:} [Kuat Drive Yards]
    ^{Length:} 7,200 m
    ^{Hyperdrive Rating:} 1.0
    ^{Armament:} 26 superheavy, 192 210-teraton heavy, 320 40-teraton heavy, 736 medium, 6272 light turbolasers; 56 heavy ions cannons; 102 heavy missile tubes; 2 tractor beam projectors; 2 gravity well generators
    ^{Complement:} 432 starfighters/bombers
    ^{Crew:} 152,480 (15,000 minimum)
    ^The Bellator-class was a model of dreadnought based on the earlier Mandator- and Mandator II-class dreadnoughts. It was a scaled-down version, 800 meters shorter than its predecessors. The dorsal surface mounted a large array of gun batteries. The batteries were arranged both on the port and starboard sides of the hull, as well as on the ridge in front of the command tower. Built for speed, the Bellator sacrificed armaments to gain higher velocities than its Mandator-class predecessors. This philosophy separated it from its conceptual cousin, the Mandator III-class dreadnought, which was built to be larger and more heavily armed than the previous models of the series.
    ^The Bellator-class had two reactors that protruded underneath the superstructure with armored bulges. It was propelled by ten large thrusters and four smaller ones. The class was marked with a ridge-structure in front of its command tower. The tower itself was similar to the towers on a number of other Imperial warships, like the Imperial-class Star Destroyer and the Executor-class Star Dreadnought. The Bellator-class dreadnought was a design based on the Mandator- and Mandator II-classes. It diverged from its predecessors by being shorter and faster and the design was referred to in the Imperial Military as a "fast dreadnought".
    ^During the class's service period, several Bellator-class dreadnoughts were known to have docked at Naval Station Validusia for refueling and maintenance alongside other heavy warships. In addition, ships of both this class and that of its cousin, the Mandator-class, often flanked the Assertor-class Star Dreadnought in fleet formations during the Galactic Civil War since prior to the Battle of Yavin, largely due to that ship's role as a sector command and control ship.
    ^[Source: Wookiepedia]

    as usual, preview gif colors are broken