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Benin (Gods and Kings) 2016-10-05

Benin (Gods and Kings)

  1. Tomatekh
    All of my Gods and Kings mods may now be downloaded in a single pack:

    Tomatekh's Mod Pack (Civfanatics)
    Tomatekh's Mod Pack (Steam)


    Adds Benin to the base game.

    Steam Workshop version:



    - This civilization requires the Gods and Kings expansion and the Denmark-Viking DLC
    - A version which does not have the Denmark-Viking DLC dependency can be downloaded here


    -The reason for the dependency is because I chose to use the Motte and Bailey UI graphic for the Iya (as both were large earthwork defensive structures and it does work to an extent). I attempted to extract the graphic but apparently the game becomes crash-crazy if you reload the landmark system. The Non-DLC version uses the Barbarian Camp graphic for the Iya instead.
    - This mod overwrites the CityView.lua and CivilopediaScreen.lua game files. This is done in order to make the dummy UA buildings invisible and is purely aesthetic. However, it will cause compatibility problems with other mods which also overwrite these files (not counting any of my other mods as they use the same edits). To disable this, simply delete the "Dummy Building Folder" folder (and the four files within).
    - Updates will most likely break saves. Do not update unless you are ready to start a new game.



    Leader: Ewuare

    UA: Shield of the Warrior King: Defensive Buildings in all Cities are 20% more effective and your Capital starts with Walls already constructed. Land units adjacent to an Iya heal +5 HP every turn regardless of previous action.

    UU: Isienmwenro: Replaces Pikeman. +15% Combat Strength in Friendly Lands. +25% Flank Attack bonus.

    UI: Iya: +25% Tile Defense. Heals adjacent Friendly Units +5 HP per turn (+10 HP if on the Iya's Tile). +1 Gold if built adjacent to a City. +1 Culture after Archeology is Researched. Generates double Gold if pillaged and is destroyed rather than damaged. May only be built on flatlands. May not be built on Resources.


    - Iya improvement graphic and icons adapted from the Firaxis "1066" DLC scenario
    - Isienmwenro unit graphic adapted from the JTitan's Songhai Pikeman mod:


    - Placeholder UU icon by Cyon from his Kongo mod.
    - Not sure of the original base artist used for the Benin diplo screen, it's from an old book. Maybe Angus McBride.
    - Invisible Building SQL and Lua by Thalassicus & trystero49
    - Thanks to whoward69 and Gedemon for LUA help and base LUA code
    - All code and art otherwise not listed created by Tomatekh (primary author)


    To Do:
    - Update the UU icon.



    Other modders, feel free to use this civ in any way you want but please give credit.


    1. 112bendomscreen_d91.jpg