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Betray Your Colony v1.1 2016-10-05

Betray Your Colony v1.1

  1. TC01
    Betray Your Colony v1.1

    This modcomp gives you the option to "betray your colony" after revolting from Europe and join with the REF.

    In short, you sign a deal with king- in exchange for enormous wealth and a full pardon, you will help the Royal Expeditionary Force (REF) put down your revolting colony. It puts you in command of the REF's forces. As the REF, you start with your fleet and army in Europe, where you cannot buy any units or trade any goods. All you can do is load units from the docks and sail to the New World and use them to destroy your colony.

    As the King, you can win a Europe victory if you have the highest score at the end of the game.

    For more information, see the forum thread.


    -orlanth (idea)
    -Fall from Heaven 2 Team (civ switching code)

    -Firaxis/2K Games (creator of Civ IV Col)


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