Better Balanced 6-Arm Snowflake Map

Better Balanced 6-Arm Snowflake Map 1.0

The original 6-Arm Snowflake map included with Civilization VI is flawed, as it lacks luxury resources on ocean tiles and focuses too much power on the center. This map replaces it with improved luxury resource locations for balance. Strategic resources have also been better distributed, and new tiles added to key areas. The map's center area is still key, but control will no longer be game ending.
Compatible with Civilization VI, Rise & Fall, and Gathering Storm.
Notice: Only the default map size and number of City-States are supported.

Das Capitolin
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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.0 Re-Release

    Version 1.0: Re-Release of Better Balanced 6-Arm Snowflake Map.
  2. 1.07

    Version 1.07: Last and final, or else.
  3. 1.06

    Version 1.06: Final. What a hassle this has been.
  4. 1.05

    Version 1.05: Confirmed working release.
  5. 1.04

    Version 1.04: This should finally work. If not, I will hang my head in shame and abandon this...
  6. 1.03

    Version 1.03: Fixed syntax errors because I am so very bad at this.
  7. 1.02

    Version 1.02: Added additional code to include map in menu... because I'm bad at this.
  8. 1.01

    Version 1.01: Version 1.01: Resolved file dependency call.
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