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Better Civ Icons 1.3

This mod replaces a number of civilization icons with more historically accurate variations.

  1. janboruta
    This mod replaces a number of civilization and city-state icons with more historically accurate or more aesthetically pleasing variations. While some of base game, vanilla icons are culturally relevant, they did not satisfy my desire for historical accuracy or unique look. No more bulls for Spain, way more bulls for Sumer! Intricate basmala in place of a generic palm for Arabia! Improved versions of vanilla icons for Poland, Japan and Russia!

    This mod will be updated when new DLC and expansion pack civilizations arrive, and when their symbols prove to be lacking.

    Changed civilization icons:

    - Arabia
    - Australia (DLC, new colours)
    - Brazil
    - Germany
    - Greece
    - Japan
    - Macedon (DLC)
    - Norway
    - Persia (DLC)
    - Poland (DLC)
    - Rome
    - Russia
    - Spain
    - Sumer

    Changed city-state icons:

    - Armagh (DLC)
    - Auckland (DLC)
    - Brussels
    - Jerusalem
    - Kabul
    - Lisbon

    Additionally added a civ icon for France with colours that better match their in-game colour scheme.

    - Janboruta - Author

    Special thanks to: JFD, DivineYuri, Sukritact, Tomatekh for extensive help and modding advice.

    1. Download the file
    2. Extract with 7-zip
    3. Place the extracted folder called "BetterCivCSIcons" in your Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods folder
    4. Activate the mod in "Additional Content" tab accessbile from Civ VI main menu


    1. 876938593_preview_20170401183245_1.jpg
    2. 876938593_preview_20170409203621_1.jpg
    3. 876938593_preview_BCIColourAtlasPROMO.png
    4. 876938593_preview_20170428161427_1.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Better Civ Icons 1.3
  2. Update 11/03/2017
  3. Update 1.1