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Better Civilopedia (UI) 2.1

More information in Civilopedia!

  1. Infixo
    New version 2.1 as of 30.06 - Support for Pedialite.

    Works with the base game, Rise & Fall and Gathering Storm. Supports all languages.

    - Bigger window, adjusts to the screen size (including 1024x768).
    - Table of Units with key statistics.
    - Overview of Historic Moments.
    - Alliances, Dedications, Random Agendas, Unit Abilities.
    - Sources of Great People Points.
    - Plot yield changes for terrains, features, resources and improvements.
    - More info in Building page: regional range, theming bonus, government tier required, yield per era change.
    - World Congress (new section): resolutions, emergencies, scored competitions.
    - Optional: Shows modifiers for each object.
    - Optional: Shows AiLists for leaders and civilizations (BCP_OPTION_AILISTS to switch on/off).

    Modifiers - important
    - For the modifiers to work you need Better Report Screen as it contains a special module for modifier analysis.
    - The modifiers can be switched off via an option in BetterCivilopedia_Database.sql file. In line with BCP_OPTION_MODIFIERS set the number to 0 (zero) to do so.
    - I removed hard dependency from Better Report Screen in v1.4. You can use the mod without BRS. In that case all modifier-related additions will be disabled (sources of GPPs, unit abilities, plot changes for terrains, features, etc.)


    1. ranged.jpg
    2. tooltip.jpg
    3. moments.jpg
    4. alliances.jpg
    5. mod1.jpg
    6. gpp.jpg
    7. unitabilities.jpg
    8. discussions.jpg
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