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Better Climate Screen (UI)

Better Climate Screen (UI) 1.3.1

New version 1.3 as of 5.01 - Carbon Recaptured info added.

More information about CO2 footprint.

The game tracks separately CO2 footprint and usage of resources.
- The table with civs shows only CO2 footprint, the 2nd number is change in the last turn.
- Civs are sorted by emission amount, decreasing.
- Red color means "more than 150%" of the average, green means "less than 50% of the average". The average is calculated for all civs except those with CO2 footprint = 0 and last turn emission = 0.
- All Civs not yet met are grouped under one row. This is similar behavior as in the original screen where all unmet civs where colored as dark blue.
- The resource tables show CO2 footprint and resources used (total and last turn). There is no coloring here.
- See pictures for more details about new information available.

Requires Gathering Storm. Supports all languages and Linux. Compatible with Natural Gas mod.

Known issues
There may be little differences +/- 1 for cross-calculations. All numbers come directly from the game core and they are integers. This causes some rounding errors to happen along the way. Please do not report this - I cannot fix it.
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