Better Espionage Screen

Better Espionage Screen 2.1.1


Fixes for September 2019 update.
Re-adds the filters to the spy overview panel

Edit: Actually attached the zip file now
  1. Makes the mod compatible with gathering storm
  2. Remove the top district checkbox with a panel that adapts to any districts being added. This will make this mod compatible with any mod or Firaxis DLC that will add new district types in future.
  3. Adds a "International" filter.
  1. Makes the mod compatible with Rise and Fall
  2. Adds spy icon on districts if a current mission is active there.
  3. Adds city-state filter if player has Rise and Fall
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1. Makes mod compatible with the Fall 2017 patch.
2. Fixes bug with the local player not showing up in the filter pulldown.

Also major thanks to @oerms for helping with this update!
Makes the mod compatible with the summer patch 2017 update.
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