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Better Germany 2016-10-05

Better Germany;

Requires G&K

The intention why i did this mod is simple,
the original trait is awful, how does getting money from killing Barbarians represent Germany? or lowered Unit Maintenance cost? Germany isnt really known for fielding gigantic but cheap Armies more the opposite.

also the UU's are pretty boring.

Shouldn't the trait for Germany somehow represent the Professional Armies of Prussia? or the Great Philosophers and the achievements in Science and Engineering of the 19th and 20th Century?

New trait: German Efficiency:
Military Units gain +5% Combat Strength when adjacent to another Military Unit.
Engineer's in Cities yield +2 extra Production +2 Science and +2 Food, Specialist Artist yields +2 Culture.

New UU "Panzer IV" (model from danrell)
only 65 Strength >5 less then normal Tanks< but +5% additional combat strength when adjacent to another friendly military unit (makes 10% together with the trait) +1 extra sight + 1 extra moves, +10% strength when attacking and can attack twice per turn.
Great Generals receive the movement of the Panzer if they start the turn stacked, also receives +5% Strength when stacked with a Great General.

this makes your Tanks really powerfull but only if you use them in an intelligent way.

New UU "Deutschritter" (model from danrell) replacing the Knight.
-10% Combat Strength for all enemy Units near this Unit, can attack twice per Turn.

also swaps the border colors.

tell me what you think.

Special thanks
to danrell for all those amazing Units.
to Nutty for help with artdefines.
to Gedemon for unit tutorials.
to the civfanatics Community for being just the best community on the interweb.
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