Better health through specialists 2016-10-05

Better health through specialists

  1. Minor Annoyance
    Remember Universal Suffrage from Brave New World? Sure you do! It made specialists generate half as much unhappiness.
    Well it's back and better than ever.*

    This shifts Applied Aesthetics and Learning Centers up and makes Creative Class the unhealth reducer and moved it down.

    Also, yield increases:
    Grower 4 food
    Artist 3 cultue
    Trader 5 energy
    Engineer 3 production

    Specialists are supposed to be experts in their field, rather than a box to hide your excess population in. These should be closer to what you can get from a tile improvement, taking into account the food you lose by not working a tile.

    Issues: The tooltip for Creative class says nothing but it does function. Also the tooltip for your health seems to round to the highest multiple of 0.75 so if you have an odd number of specialists it wouldn't read correct, but you still have reduced unhealth from one specialist.


    Steam Workshop


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