Better Lakes for VP

Better Lakes for VP 2.5

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Latest updates

  1. bug fix for building

    Fix accidentally introducing a bug with the last version that allowed always building the lake...
  2. Version 2.4

    No longer spawns resources on lake victoria Lake buildings can not be built if you are only near...
  3. Update Compatibility for VP 2.0

    Update Compatibility for VP 2.0
  4. Updated to version 2.1

    - hacienda doesn't get buffed by salt lakes - fixed strategic view icons
  5. Version 2.0

    Completely overhauled Resource Placement Fishery production cost fixed Fishery gains +2 Gold...

Latest reviews

:clap:again. Better Lakes for VP best modmod for VP
Everything that was lacking to give relief to the lakes and with a superb quality of realization!
Nice in principle, well made in execution, adds a lot of simple ideas that in the end brings fresh air to the game. Well done. :)
Settling near Lake Tiles is no longer a waste.
Better Lakes for VP keeps this promise with a high degree of craftsmanship and aesthetic refinement. Very well done.
Superb .
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