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Better Leader Icon (UI) 2.1

Leader Icon with extended tooltips and relationship info.

  1. Infixo
    New version 2.0 as of 22.05 - Updated for May 2020 Patch (New Frontier).
    Please read an important note in the Updates section.

    Leader Icon with extended tooltips and relationship info. See screenshots for various examples.
    The new leader icon will appear:
    - In the Diplomacy Ribbon.
    - In the Diplomacy Action View.
    - In the World Congress Popup (GS).
    Yields Ribbon
    The Diplomacy Ribbon has an extension at the bottom that shows player's score and military strength. Its visibility is set via "Show Yields in HUD Ribbon" option:
    - Always Hide - neither vanilla game nor BLI ribbon will not be shown,
    - Mouse-over - BLI ribbon will be shown,
    - Always Show - vanilla game ribbon will be shown.
    The main mouse-over tooltip:
    - Key information about a civ, its yields, etc.
    - Resources for trade info.
    The relationship tooltip:
    - Relationship status and its changes.
    - Grievances (GS), Alliance info (RF).
    - Access level, combat bonus and Agendas.
    - Reasons for relationship (aka list of diplo modifiers). This can be turned off (option in the .sql file).

    Tradeable resources
    The tooltip shows resources that can be traded. The logic applied here is the same for human player and an AI. A resource can be traded if we have more 1 copy of it and the counterparty has none.
    The list of resources shows first strategics (red number) and then luxuries (green number).
    There are two dots above the leader icon that mark if there is somethng to trade. Left - if they have something to sell and right - if we have.
    Gathering Storm
    Strategic resources are treated differently. The number shows how many can be sold - it takes into account the cap that the player currently has. Also, the dots above leader icon activate only for luxuries.

    - Works with the base game, Rise & Fall and Gathering Storm. Supports all languages.
    - Works with CQUI, however you need to manually remove the file diplomacyribbon.lua from the mod directory.

    - Various ideas from existing mods like CQUI, EDR, CUI.


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