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Better Tech Tree (UI) 3.2

Shows more info in Tech and Civics Trees, adds ~150 new unique icons

  1. Infixo
    New version 3.2 as of 29.11 - Compatibility with CQUI.

    Shows more info in Tech and Civics Trees. Adds ~100 new unique icons for:
    - Eureka boosts (*) - tech icon in a bluish circle,
    - Inspiration boosts (*) - civic icon in a pinkish circle,
    - Resource harvests - resource icon in a red circle,
    - Improvement yield bonuses (**) - improvement icon in a green dome,
    - Additional spies - a spy icon in a green square,
    - Tourism changes - a tourism icon in a green square
    Version 2.0:
    - Improvement adjacency bonuses (**) - improvement icon in a green dome,
    - Sea related changes - icon in a blue square - embarked units, changes to movement, ocean access, etc.
    - Extra diplo visibility, urban defenses, flanking bonuses - icon in a green square,
    - Unit commands - icon in a green square - e.g. make Corps, make Army,
    - Removal of features - helmet icon in a red circle.
    Version 3.0: Marking techs and civics as important:
    - Click on the name to toggle the mark.
    - The mark is saved into the save file, it will be there after the reload.
    - When a new game is started, all techs and civics that unlock uniques are marked automatically.

    (*) The eureka and inspiration boosts are shown not only for boosting techs/civics, but also for buildings, districts, units, improvements and resources that are needed for a boost (e.g. have x units or have x buildings).
    (**) Unique improvements are also shown, but only if you play a civ that has it.

    - Works with vanilla, Rise & Fall and Gathering Storm.
    - Version 1.3+ supports my mod Real Eurekas. Now you can use both and trigger descriptions are properly shown or hidden.
    - Works with the latest CQUI. Please note however that BTT will overwrite features that CQUI adds to the trees.

    Harvest icons
    There is an option to switch ON/OFF the harvest icons. By default it is ON. If you are using mods that add many new resources then the screen might get messy and you might wanna turn this feature OFF.
    Go for a file named BetterTechTree_Database.sql in the mod folder and in the line with BTT_OPTION_HARVESTS change '1' to '0' to switch the icons OFF.

    Important Notes
    1. The mod overwrites TechTreeNode.xml and CivicsTree.xml. It will be incompatible with any other mod that also overwrites them.
    2. This mod does not change technologies nor civics nor any dependencies between them. It is pure UI mod. The little differences you see on the screenshots are from my other mod, Real Tech Tree, which does change dependencies and boosts’ percentage.
    3. BTT adds ~150 new icons to the trees, and in 3 cases they simply do not fit into the node graphics. The Civics Tree supports bigger nodes but the usage of that would require changes of the original Lua file, which I don't want to do. The TechTree doesn't support bigger nodes at all and it would require even a bigger re-work.


    1. tech1.jpg
    2. civic1.jpg
    3. harvests.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. HafidzMZ
    Version: 1.0
    thanks for the support