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Better Trade Screen 4.2.1

Adds sort options, filters and generally improves the trade screen

  1. Performance and other improvements

    1. Implemented caching to greatly improve performance. Details here. Note: If playing on a huge map, late game you will have a noticeable delay, but significantly better than v3.0.
    2. Routes will not sort/group/filter unless absolutely needed. Collapsing and expanding routes should be really fast.
    3. Increased animation speed of opening trade panels.
    4. Automation checks improvements.
    5. In Trade Overview screen, sort settings and tab setting is reset. This is to prevent the time delay when first opening the Trade Overview Panel.
    Other Changes
    1. When grouped by destination or origin, the sort settings for groups are cloned (with ascending turns) to sort settings within each group. Example: if you sort by gold, the groups themselves are sorted by gold, and routes within each group is sorted by gold and then ascending turns.
    2. Added collapse all button
    3. Expanded the Make Trade Route screen to show both the origin city and destination city yields.
    4. Fixed alignment of sort bar in Make Trade Route.
    5. When a group is collapsed, the tooltip shows the top route.
    6. Trade routes automated info is tracked across saves. You no longer have to renew trade routes when you load a save.
    7. In Trade Overview screen, routes don't sort until shift is released.
    8. When selecting a destination in Make Trade Route screen, the route path only to that city is shown.
    9. Fixed some tooltip ambiguity.
    10. Fixed issue with Make Trade Route screen opening when not needed when clicking on a route in Trade Overview screen.
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