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Better Trade Screen 4.2.1

Adds sort options, filters and generally improves the trade screen

  1. Summer Patch 2017 Update

    1. Ports all changes made in Summer Patch update into BTS.
    2. Fixes issues brought about by the patch.
    3. Adds sorting by name (origin or destination) in TradeOverview
    4. Sorts the cities in TradeOriginChooser alphabetically.
    5. Significantly improves sorting performance, especially in TradeOverview with a group setting.
    6. Improves the performance in displaying routes in TradeOverview.
    7. Other minor performance improvements.
    8. Minor UI changes in trade screens. Better highlights selected routes.
    9. Adds a divider between groups to visually separate them.
    10. Bug fixes with how the screens were opened/closed
    11. Crash fix when cycling between traders.

    Sorting performance tests

    Huge map ~1200 routes, grouped routes by destination. Time in seconds
        Yield           Before      After
        Food            10.45       0.009
        Production      8.41        0.011
        Gold            5.76        0.0099
        Science         10.55       0.099
        Culture         8.37        0.009
        Faith           8.48        0.0099
    Again this is with sorting specifically after the routes table was built. Next patch aims to improve how the routes are built, since that is the slowest part now.
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