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Better Unique Improvements 1.2

Now you might actually want to build them

  1. Gilgasmash
    I've found myself basically never building unique improvements. Besides Stepwells, they feel weak compared to basic improvements. This mod aims to fix that, making them a civilization defining bonus.

    Gilgamesh can now fall back on strong culture and science with rivers full of Ziggurats, and Catherine can enjoy a strong Nobility with judicious placements of Châteaux.

    Suggestions welcome.
    Known issue: Civilopedia not updated correctly. Updating descriptions is glitchy, but the changes work perfectly otherwise.

    Installation: As usual, extract to Document/My Games/Civ6/Mods.

    Improvements (v1.2):
    (all yields listed are what's added to the base)
    Ziggurat +1 culture, +0.5 Housing
    (base 2 science, 1 culture river adj, 1 culture natural history)
    Stepwell +1 faith
    (base 1 food, 1 housing, 1 faith holy site adj, 1 food farm adj, 1 faith feudalism, 1 housing sanitation, 1 food professional sports)
    Sphinx +1 faith, +1 culture, +1 food on floodplains
    (base 1 faith, 1 culture, 2 faith wonder adj, 1 culture natural history)
    Mission +1 science, +0.5 Housing, +1 faith, -1 faith other continent, +1 gold with exploration, +1 gold with colonialism
    (base 1 faith, 2 faith other continent, 1 science campus adj, +2 science cultural heritage)
    Kurgan +1 gold, +1 culture, +1 faith with Divine Right, +1 culture with humanism, can no longer be built next to each other (a bit of lore here)
    (base 1 faith, 1 gold, 1 faith pasture adj, 1 gold guilds/capitalism)
    Colossal head +1 faith
    (base 2 faith, 0.5 faith rainforest/wood adj, 1 culture humanism)
    Château +1 Culture, +1 Housing, +2 gold river adjacency, no longer requires a river, can't be built next to each other
    (base 1 culture, 2 culture wonder adj, 1 gold luxury adj)
    Great Wall +2 gold, +1/3 Housing
    (base 1 gold adj, 1 culture adj)
    Farms can now be built on Tundra with Civil Service.
    Quarry +1 gold

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  1. CrimeEdge
    Version: 1.1
  2. Shiroifushicho
    Version: 1.0
    Thank you for this ! A shame firaxis didn't do it by itself... coz it is (was) urgent.