Beyond Stars (RT)

Beyond Stars (RT) 23.2

BEYOND STARS MOD improves almost every aspect in game, including the AI, which now plays like a human. My aim is to make Beyond Earth the best game in the world.

It only works with Rising Tide.

Changes v1:

- AI plays smarter and emphasises more the health (by buildings, virtues, agreements), expansion, production/growth, science, culture, energy - in this order.

- AI can select from a larger set of choices at every turn.

- Each sponsor base personality has been kept, but it is now more pregnant and powerful.

- Tier 2 affinity units have 1 more movement point (Sabr has 3 total, 2 points at tier 1) and ignore terrain movement cost. Also Explorer, Artillery (tier 3) and Submarine (tier 1) have 1 more movement points.

- Titan and Golem can enter coastal water and canyons, like Angel. These movement changes have been made to make the combat more fun.

- Aquatic cities have the same strength as land cities (instead of -50%). This is to prevent conquer spam.

- Military supply now is 1 per population (instead of 0.5) to allow a civilization with only several cities to keep enough army.

- AI is encouraged to defend every city with 5 units (instead of 2)

- AI will ask for peace in a shorter time, 10 turns for winning/losing and 20 turns for stealmate.

- AI will flavor leaf technologies more, as they produce more affinity points, the ones required for affinity units and the essential technologies.

- AI will build more affinity units.

- AI will pursue more the essential wonders.

- Where possible, the weak wonders have been boosted. For example Holon chamber gives 20% of the energy rate in science (was 10%), New Terran Myth gives 7 culture/city trade route (was 2), Euphotic strand gives 2 science /coast tile (was 1 science).

- The remaining weak wonders have their cost reduced by half.

- Covert operations take 10 or 15 turns (tier 3 and 4) and now are only 4 intrigue levels, instead of 5. Don't wait anymore 25 turns to found that your spy was killed.

- National Security Projects have been boosted. All worth using now, depending on the strategy.

- Weaker policies do the same thing but they have been given more strenght. All worth pursuing, depending on strategy.

- Sponsor reactions points have been doubled, from +5/-5 to +10/-10, so the Respect changes more rapidly (every Respect point change requires 10 poins of reactions). Make agreement is +20/ -20, Change relationship is +40/ -40, Declare war is +100/ -100, Make peace is +60/ -60. Leaders are more alive and kicking now.

- Sponsor personality traits are more powerful, up to 50%.

- Weak agreements do the same thing but they are more powerful, up to 50% (ex. Health per strategic resource is now 15 capital/turn, instead of 25, to be available sooner). All worth to been made, depending on strategy.

- The cost of techs and policies doesn't increase as you build more settlements. This is to make the 50 cities AI a considerable force.

- Orbital laser moved to Servomachinery, to make it available earlier (the same time as Battlesuit).

- Aircraft upgrades at the same time with artillery, to keep the pace with the other units.

- Explorer has 9 Strength (instead of 6) to be able to survive more alien attacks.

- Orbital laser and Planet carver have 3 range and 60, 200 strength. They are worth using now.

- Farms can be build on tundra, Biowells can be buid on snow (like Terrascapes).

- Aliens pillage less.

- Difficulties are more difficult, for every point above normal (Mercury), you get -10% at all yields (including Health) and AI gets +10%.

- At Easy difficulty you get +30% at all yields.

Changes v2:

- The Beacon wonder and prerequistes cost was increased by around 50% to prevent Contact victory in the middle game. Beacon activation is 20 turns (was 40) at quick speed, because it was boring.

- No penalty for hover units over water (was -25%), to make Autosled and Lev Destroyer a better unit than the mere naval (as they cost strategic resources) and to have supremacy on sea.

- Improvements have their cost reduced by 50%, to help AI build more of them.

- At Rocktopus, you can select Manual deorbit perk at all affinities.

- At Lev destroyer/Artillery, you can select no deployment cost perk at all affinities. This tedious task was eliminated.

- Explorer has 3 expedition modules by default to make AI build some expeditions too.

Changes v2.1:

- At startup, you have double the number of default AIs per map size, to have the terrain more crowded.

Changes v3 (Sponsors Overhaul):

Added more character traits to every sponsor.


- +20%/ +30%/ +40% growth in Cities when healthy.

- All population specialist citizens produce 1/ 1/ 2 extra yield.

- Free food at specialists.

- -10%/ -20%/ -30% population unhealth.

- +1/ +1.5/ +2 city strength per population.


- Culture and Energy costs to acquire new city plots reduced by 60%/ 70%/ 80%.

- Gain 0.2/ 0.3/ 0.4 energy per owned plot.

- Gain 10%/ 20%/ 30% science from energy rate.

- Maintenance for units reduced by 10%/ 20%/ 30%.

- Worker build speed increased by 30%/ 40%/ 50%.


- First wonder free in every city.

- Build speed for wonders increased by 5%/ 10%/ 15%.

- +4/ +7/ +10 capital points per turn for every wonder.

- The cost for purchasing with capital reduced by 10%/ 20%/ 30%.

- Techs cost reduced by 4%/ 7%/ 10%.

- Worker build speed increased by 30%/ 40%/ 50%.

- Growth in capital increased with 30%/ 40%/ 50%.

- Capital strength increased by 50%/ 75%/ 100%.

- Cities recover more 10/ 15/ 20 HP points per turn.

- Units heal in 1 turn in cities.


- Gain 1 free virtue every 6/ 5/ 4 virtues.

- Build speed for wonders increased by 4%/ 7%/ 10%.

- Culture buildings cost 50%/ 60%/ 70% less.

- 60%/ 80%/ 100% more expedition speed.

- 3/ 4/ 5 more expedition modules.


- 1/ 1/ 2 free spies.

- -30/ -40/ -50 less risk for covert agents.

- 10/ 30/ 50 science per agent rank in successful missions.

- Intrigue decreases faster when an agent is present.

- Spies have 3 sight range.

- Units heal +5/ +10/ +15 when fortified.

- Techs cost reduced by 10%/ 20%/ 30%.

- -70% cost for moving aquatic cities.


- 2X/ 3X/ 4X more yields from city developments (production into energy, etc.)

- Gain 3%/ 4%/ 5% energy from reserves.

- 10%/ 20%/ 30% science from the energy rate.

- Allow full city colonists.

- Full colonist cost reduced by 25%/ 50% /75%.

- Worker build speed increased by 30%/ 40%/ 50%.

- -30%/ -40%/ -50% unhealth from number of cities.

- Units maintenance cost reduced by 10%/ 20%/ 30%.


- War score point increased by 30%/ 40%/ 50%.

- Less 30%/ 40%/ 50% unhealth from conquered cities in resistance.

- Units strength increased by 10%/ 20%/ 30%.

- Military units production speed increased by 10%/ 20%/ 30%.

- Units gain experience 30%/ 40%/ 50% faster.

- Gain 12/ 25/ 50 capital from kills.

- The cost for purchasing with capital reduced by 10%/ 20%/ 30%.

- Outposts can make ranged attacks and their strength is increased with 10/ 20/ 30.

- Enemies take 3/ 5/ 7 attrition in home territory.


- More 1/ 2/ 3 trade routes in capital.

- More 1/ 1/ 2 trade routes in cities.

- Yields from internal trade routes boosted by 30%/ 40%/ 50%.

- Yields from international trade routes raised by 30%/ 40%/ 50%.

- Yields from stations boosted by 30%/ 40%/ 50%.

- Trade units are immune to aliens and miasma.


- Covert operations take 30%/ 40%/ 50% less time to complete.

- Covert operations generate 30%/ 40%/ 50% more intrigue.

- Spies are recruted at 1/ 1/ 2 more ranks.

- -30/ -40/ -50 less risk for covert agents.

- Covert operations require 1 less intrigue level.

- Spies have 3 sight range.

- The cost for purchasing with capital reduced by 10%/ 20%/ 30%.


- Bonus 4/ 7/ 10 of each strategic resource.

- Yields from internal trade routes boosted by 10%/ 20%/ 30%.

- Orbital units have production increased by 50%/ 75%/ 100% for every launched unit.

- Orbital units cost 1 less resources.

- Orbital units have their duration increased by 50%/ 75%/ 100%.

- Units in friendly orbital coverage have 20%/ 30%/ 40% more strength.

- City orbital coverage increased by 4/ 7/ 10.

- City orbital strike range increased by 1/ 2/ 3.

- Station orbital coverage increased by 6/ 8/ 10.

- Techs cost reduced by 4%/ 7%/ 10%.

- Units maintenance cost reduced by 10%/ 20%/ 30%.


- Agreements cost 70% less diplomatic capital.

- The cost for purchasing with capital reduced by 30%/ 40%/ 50%.

- The build speed for wonders increased by 4%/ 7%/ 10%.

- +3/ +4/ +5 capital points per turn for every wonder.

- Yields from international trade routes raised by 10%/ 20%/ 30%.

- Yields from stations boosted by 10%/ 20%/ 30%.

- Aliens have their opinion recovery speed increased by 100%.

- Trade units are immune to aliens.


- Aquatic cities have 50%/ 75%/ 100% more strength.

- Aquatic cities have -90% cost to move.

- Naval units are build 50%/ 75%/ 100% faster.

- Energy cost to acquire new city plots reduced by 60%/ 70%/ 80%.

Changes v3.2:

- Artifact buildings and wonders tuned, to make them equally valuable.

Changes v3.3:

- Embarked units have 3 movement.

- The maximum population for Promised Land settlement is 20. You only need one, which is less tedious.

Changes v3.4:

- Policy cost reduced with 30%, to be able to finish the branches at the same time with technology tree.

- Buildings yield increased.

- Building quests tuned to make them equally valuable, respecting the formula 1 food/production equals 2 science or 3 culture or 4 energy.

- Minimum distance between cities and stations in now 1 (was 3).

Changes v4 (Units Overhaul):

- The units with later chosen upgrades are 20% more powerful (melee Soldier at 8 affinity instead of 6/6) to give a reason for waiting, in the spirit of game. Also their perks are the most powerful. A later melee Soldier can reach 60 strength, the same as an early upgraded Battlesuit.

- The later affinity upgrades are available at 2 affinity points after the hybrid upgrades (previous example).

- The default maximum strength (upgraded early) for the units which requires no resources is around 50. Strategic resource units start at around 60.

- The pure Affinity units, which requires strategic resources, have the tier1/ tier2 default strength around 25/60, 40/80, 55/100, 90/120, for the 4 type of units. Titan, Angel, Lev Destroyer can reach 145 strength if upgraded later.

- The Hybrid units, which are 3 for every combination of affinities, have the tier1/ tier2 default strength around 25/60, 40/80, 70/100. The ultimate unit is only 100 because they are support units, and cheaper than the pure affinity ultimate units. The role of hybrid units, in the spirit of game, is to be available sooner and to be weaker. Golem, Throne, Aquilon can still reach 120 if upgraded later.

Changes v4.1:

- Immortal moved to Alien genetics, it was too early on tech.

- Aegis moved to Civil support, it was too late.

Changes v4.2:

- Unit cost and unit upgrade cost tuned, to make them consistent. The units which cost no resources, at tier 1 and 2, are cheaper to build after an upgrade, you can rise an army more quickly.

Changes v4.4:

Starting options tuned to make them more equitable.

- Colonists: 2 food/ 3 production/ 4 science/ 5 culture/ 6 energy.

- Spacecraft: Planetfall range and sight range increased to 3/4; 4 Supply modules (instead of 2); Fusion reactor startup energy increased to 350.

Changes v4.5:

- Affinity units' innate abilities increased with around 50% to make all units useful the entire game.

Changes v4.8:

- AI Declare war probability increased progressively for difficulties above normal.

Changes v4.9:

- Fear/Respect relationship levels tuned for every sponsor, to make each one unique.

Changes v5:

- Medium and high tier buildings' affinity prerequisites changed from 2/ 5/ 8 to 4/ 9/ 14, to prevent production buildings spam in the middle game.

- Buildings don't cost strategic resources, as you prefer the units anyway.

Changes v5.1:

- The production cost for hover units in aquatic cities is now normal (was -50%) to take the pressure from the land cities where you can't build a clinic because you were constantly pumping military units the whole game.

- Victory affinity wonders require 18 affinity. The Beacon requires 12/ 12/ 12 affinity. This will make the game a bit longer.

- Orbital units only cost Petroleum to make them more used.

Changes v5.2:

- Swapped a few items in the tech tree, to make every technology useful.

- Workers now have 4 movement, to help managing large empires.

Changes v6:

- AI fights smarter.

- More affinity bonuses added:

Purity Lvl 14: 15% wonder production.

Purity Lvl 17: 8 Floatstone.

Harmony Lvl 14: 10 HP heal in miasma.

Harmony Lvl 17: 8 Xenomass.

Supremacy Lvl 14: 2 spies.

Supremacy Lvl 17: 8 Firaxite.

Harmony/ Purity Lvl 14: 20% units strength.

Harmony/ Purity Lvl 17: 4 xenomass, 4 floatstone.

Purity/ Supremacy Lvl 14: 50% more experience from combat.

Purity/ Supremacy Lvl 17: 4 floatstone, 4 firaxite.

Harmony/ Supremacy Lvl 14: 2 more experience levels allowed.

Harmony/ Supremacy Lvl 17: 4 xenomass, 4 firaxite.

- Beacon requires Orbital automation tech (the one which gives the telescope) as you always get a progenitor ruin and AI usually gets none.

- All important wonders only cost Geothermal, to make this resource useful.

- Biomes are more impactful on alien behaviour.

- Siege Worm, Kraken, Makara, Drone and Hydrocoral have increased strength.

- Colossal aliens don't dissapear.

- Stations won't get abandoned.

- All orbitals give 10% yield to city in range.

- Chance for free affinity/affinity points from expeditions eliminated to prevent abuse against AI.

- Specialists give 3 yield instead of 2, to help with aquatic puppet cities, where you can't buy land.

- Dark networks tech reveals the map.

- Colonists have 3 movement.

- Marvel tiles give serious yield.

Changes v6.1:

- Ranged units gain experience at the same rate as melee units.

Changes v6.2:

- Exhausted resource penalty is now -20% (was -50%), to help with the alliance and the agreement.

Changes v7 (Hybrid Affinity Overhaul):

- You can choose hybrid perks for aircraft, submarine, artillery and carrier at tier 2 and tier 3. (for example aircraft at 6/6 instead of 8.)

- You can choose hybrid perks for the rest of the units at tier 2 also (soldier at 3/3 instead of 5). These changes were made to help the hybrid plays and use the existing art.

- Unit perks have been tuned, to be in the spirit of the affinities and to insure that the latest choices have the best perks.

- Rocktopus can teleport units.

- Tank and artillery at tier 2 can levitate over water.

- CNDR, CARVR, SABR, Nanohive and Geliopod can enter coastal tiles. Those will make the sea more populated.

- Building quest rewards now have a 20% chance to activate (was 5%).

Changes v7.1:

- The artifact bonus which increases embarked defense has now a 4X effect (was 2X), to give the same strength as non-embarked, like in Civ VI.

- Leaders' reaction points for like/dislike army size were increased by 3 times, to +30/-30, to make wars more logical.

- Leash alien has 2 range (was 1).

Changes v7.4:

- Non-economic orbital units occupy 1 tile, so you can put them next to each other.

- Basic improvements' upgrades moved early in the tech tree, to help the AI.

Changes v7.5:

- AI will construct more cheap buildings first.

- Outpost growth rate doubled.

Changes v7.7:

- AI will focus on victory more in the tech tree.

Changes v7.9:

- Aquilon has invisiblity, to be in tone with the Harmony-Supremacy units.

Changes v8:

- AI will build more advanced improvements.

Changes v8.1:

- Supply limit increased.

Changes v8.3:

- AI will hunt Progenitor ruins more.

Changes v8.4:

- More buildings have specialists.

Changes v8.6:

- Advanced improvements' yields reduced from 4 to 3.

Changes v8.7:

- The production of naval units in aquatic cities is now normal (was +100%), to prevent ridiculous span in wars. (The change is in GlobalDefines.xml)

- Bomb shells and Coup d'Etat don't trigger wars.

Changes v8.8:

- War score reduced, to prevent Peace treaty block as AI doesn't want to give away cities.

Changes v8.9:

- Removed some connections in the Tech tree for a better sense of progression.

Changes v10:

- Branch techs give no affinity, Leaf techs give more affinity, to encourage more decisions.

- The resources for Paddock, Work badge and Bed give +4 Health. These are the Health resources.

- AI will build more improvements.

Changes v10.2:

- The Personality trait which provides discount for energy purchases gives 10%/ 20%/ 30% discount to capital purchases as well.

Changes v10.4:

- Unhealth penalties changed:

- From -1 health, -3% for city growth/outpost growth for every point below threshold, maximum -100%.

- From -10 health, -5% science and culture for every point, maximum -100%.

- From -20 health, -5% for production for every point, maximum -60%.

- From -20 health, -5% for combat for every point, maximum -50%.

- From -20 health, -5% for energy per point, maximum -60%.

- New cities start with a free worker unit.

Changes v10.6:

- Raised the energy maintenance for buildings and units. 1 per tier, maximum 4.

Changes v10.8:

- Embarked units movement increased from 3 to 4.

Changes v11:

- Resource dependent buildings give bonuses to resource when it is worked by the city.

Changes v11.4:

-Hills provide 1 food and 1 production.

Changes v11.7:

- Improvements build time halved. The change is in CivBEBuilds.

- Explorer has 2 upgrades.

Changes v12:

- Orbital laser and Planet carver have one upgrade.

Changes v14:

- Aircraft has reduced range.

- Aircraft has 2 maintenance.

- Reduced the links in the Tech web for a more streamline progression.

- Unit perks updated.

- Full production for the land units at water cities.

- The policy Discount cost of purchased units modified from -35% to -20%.

- International trade routes give 2 of strategic resources, instead of 1.

- Planet carver damage reduced from 200 to 150.

- Victory conditions changed:

Transcendence turns 5.
Earthlings required 5.
Supremacy military strength 700.
Contact turns 5.

And other small changes.

Changes v14.1:

- The AI will settle next to resources more.

Changes v14.3:

- Raised the cost of end tier techs by 33%.

Changes v14.4:

- Resource bonuses from buildings reduced.

Changes v14.7:

- Player perks updated.

Changes v15:

- More buildings have specialists. More fun with Barre!

Changes v16:

- Policies updated.

Changes v16.1:

- Orbital laser has 80 strength and costs 2 petroleum.

- Planet carver has 150 strength and costs 4 petroleum.

Changes v17:

- Unit upgrades updated.

Changes v17.1:

- Leash alien moved to Ecology and Leash colossal moved to Alien adaptation to make leashing easier.

Changes v17.2:

- Hybrid end units moved at end leaf techs: Golem at Autogyros, Aquilon at Biometallurgy, Throne at Human idealism.

Changes v18:

- Reduced the dependencies at the end techs. Now the techs look like a tree, not a web.

- All units have the Vapor shield promotion, to have their embarked strength roughly equal with their strength, like in Civilization VI. No need to escort them anymore!

- The siege units don't need setup anymore.

Changes v19:

- AI gains affinity faster, to raise a better army sooner.

- Cities have 2 strength per population (was 0.4), to make them a bit more difficult to capture.

Changes v20:

- Buildings flavors updated.

- AI will favor culture more.

Changes v20.1:

- Sponsor Traits updated.

- End units have 4 movement, instead of 3.

Changes v20.2:

- Energy buildings produce 50% more.

Changes v21:

- Leaf techs cost 3X the Branch techs (instead of 2X), to make the be line for powerful units less likely.

- Personality traits and Foreign policies updated.

Changes v22:

- Xeno titan, Angel and Golem can levitate above ocean and attack. Harmony was disadvantaged as it was lacking a melee hovering unit, but now it's fine.

Changes v23:

- Affinity units which don't levitate have coastal walk and more powerful upgrades.

- Rocktopus has 5 range and 6 movement to be possible to use it offensively.

- Manufactories have 4 production, to be preferred by AI.

Changes v23.1:

- City processes are 50% (instead of 25%), to not waste them.

Note : As I didn't update the descriptions, some changes are reflected in descriptions, if the game updates automatically, some don't.


The mod must be installed manually.

It makes changes in 5 folders:

- game location\assets\Gameplay\XML

- game location\assets\DLC\Expansion1\Gameplay\XML

- game location\assets\Units

- game location\assets\DLC\Expansion1\Units

- game location\assets\DLC\Expansion1\Gameplay\Lua\Quests\BuildingChoiceTemplateQuest.lua

Backup these 5 folders. Then extract and copy over mod's assets folder into the game installation folder.

Compatibility (double activate the mods):

- InfoAddict, awesome mod, displays civilizations stats. (If you want to play only with InfoAddict and the Savegame gives an error when loading from Mods, load it from Single player and it will work. InfoAddict was made for the vanilla game.)

- Awesome Biomes - Gaia.

- Codename: Genesis - changes Biomes colors.

- Map - New Earth

- RT new sponsor mods.

- Small resource icons

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