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BigSMACXMaps1.zip 2016-10-05


  1. Petek
    This file contains 40 Really Big custom maps, suitable for either SMAC or SMAX. To use, unzip the files to the Maps subfolder in your Alpha Centauri folder, start a new game and select the LOAD MAP FILE option.

    The maps in this file range in size from 180x180 to 305x305 tiles. Some of the file names indicate the parameters that were used to create the maps (180 = 180x180, 256 = 256x256 and for some reason, 300 = 305x305).

    The maps are especially useful to play SMAX on a really large map. If you simply start a new game of SMAX and allow the computer to generate a map of the size of these files, several factions may be placed on tiny islands, or will be eliminated right away. Loading a pre-generated maps avoids this problem. (SMAC does not have this issue.)

    Note: None of these maps contain Fungal Towers (a SMAX-only feature) because those units are not saved in the map file. They may appear later in the game due to >pops<.