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Bitterfrost MGE 2016-10-05

Bitterfrost MGE

  1. CurtSibling

    "Blood on the snow and cries in the wind, victims of hate - They fell to the ground...
    One by one they all tasted the vengeance - No one could fight the soldiers from a frozen time..."
    - Crystal Eyes

    Three factions attempt to carve up an island, but danger awaits!
    The very first of my fantasy "Bitterfrost" scenarios - !
    I'll upload the following sequels in order soon...:)

    Please note: This scenario is for CIV2 MGE.
    • Make sure you read the reference text file in the Bitterfrost zip.
    • The scen begins counting turns from the first year of your colony.
    • The rules are mildly differing from civ2, but in the same vein.
    • You still must build, defend, attack and explore the island.
    • The turn equals one month, with a Bitterfrostian calendar.
    • Each civ has special units and powers. Some have extra techs, or units.
    • The Ancient civ is not for really playable, but you can try them if you like!


    The Bursir faction discovers trouble on the Eastern borders...


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