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Blasted Garden: A Reagents Wonder for FFH2 2016-10-05

Blasted Garden: A Reagents Wonder for FFH2

  1. Tarquelne
    A modular FFH2 0.31 mod, "Blasted Garden" provides players another crack at getting Reagents.

    Two versions are included.
    In both versions the wonder "Blasted Garden" requires the Sorcery tech., is built twice as quickly by a leader with Summoner, and provides:
    1 Reagent
    +1 trade routes for its city.
    Some food, and some unhealth.

    The version "rww" gives each unit built in the city the Mutated promotion.
    Food: +1
    Health: -3
    Cost: 450

    The version "rwwh" gives each arcane unit built in the city Spell Extension 1.
    Food: +2
    Health: -3
    Global Health: +1
    Cost: 400

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