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Blender Scripts for Civ V and Civ VI 16.3

Import/export scripts for Blender to work with Nexus Buddy 2/CivNexus6 graphics tools for Civ 5/6.

  1. 14.4 Update

    * Fixed serious bug where .cn6 import was not dividing weights by 255 but was instead using the raw values. This meant that all vertex weights greater than zero would be equal to 1 when imported rather than properly scaled within the 0-1 range. This fix should mean that you can remove/add to animated meshes such as units and vertex weights will be properly preserved during the .fgx -> .cn6 -> Blender -> .cn6 -> .fgx round trip.

    TL;DR - Vertex Weights were being mangled - now they are OK. :)
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