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BLOOD & SIEGES 2016-10-05


  1. Nicheal


    Version 1.1

    +All seven Empires playable:

    Zar Peter I the Great of the Muscovites
    King Jan III Sobieski of the Poles and Lithuanians
    Fürst Frederick II the Great of the Prussians
    Kaiser Leopold I of the Imperials
    Sun King Louis XIV of the French
    King William III of the British
    Sultan Mehmet IV of the Ottoman Turks

    +Two Skins: Ottoman Turks and Europeans

    +Six ~81 kb Events.txts to rule them all...

    Events1 until Turn 313 for British, Ottoman, all others
    Events2 until Turn 1060 for ",","

    +European Kingsize Map by McMonkey

    +255 Towns



    +Terrain by Catfish and, perhaps, Nikoagonistes

    +Some Sounds by Nikoagonistes

    +Units by Fairline

    +People by Fairline

    +Towns by Curt Sibling

    +All Wonders available

    +All Improvements

    +A whole Tec Tree

    +Tribal Colours for Units, an own Sprites

    +Terrain completely terraformable

    +All modded by Nicheal

    +Ready for a Testgame

    +A super Title.Poem


    +O damned YEAH!!!



    The Events2 from Turn 325 til Turn 1060
    is now finished!!! - 19.10.2012. Version 1.1. Have Fun!


    1. wallenstein_FTK.jpg
    2. bascreen_5Dc.png