Blue Marble for Fall from Heaven 2 2016-10-05

Blue Marble for Fall from Heaven 2

  1. Kael
    This download switches the fantasy terrain graphics of Fall from Heaven 2 to the lighter terrain graphics of Blue Marble. Make sure you are running Fall from Heaven 2 0.41 before applying.

    Credit for this goes completely to Kai "ColdFever" Fiebach who did an amazing job not only with these textures, but with recoloring all of Civ4. If you play the base Civ4, Warlords or Beyond the Sword game its definitly worth downloading his full art update here:

    Support: Please post in the FfH2 bug thread ( if you have any issues with this patch. As any issues with it are undoubtably my fault, not ColdFever's.

    - Kael