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[BNW] American Wonders (v1) 2016-10-05

[BNW] American Wonders (v1)

  1. RawSasquatch
    Just in time for the most wonderful time of the year, this mod adds 7 new World Wonders to the game, all located within the United States of America. This mod requires the Brave New World expansion pack to run. In future updates I intend to add more wonders and additional features such as voiceovers for the wonders' quotes, so stay subscribed and spread the word! The Alamo and World Trade Center that you see in the preview image are NOT included with this pack -- they can be downloaded individually on my workshop page.

    Here's a list of all the wonders that you'll find in this mod, in technology order from Earliest to Latest:

    White House
    Requires Economics
    Cost: 650 Production
    +2 Culture
    Must be built in a Capital City. Upon completion, allows the immediate adoption of an Ideology.

    Mount Rushmore
    Requires Dynamite
    Cost: 750 Production
    +1 Culture
    +2 Great Engineer Points
    Requires a nearby Mountain tile. Provides +1 Happiness and +1 Population in all cities, and a free Stone Works in the city it is built in.

    Las Vegas Strip
    Requires Refrigeration
    Cost: 1250 Production
    +1 Culture
    +2 Great Merchant Points
    Must be built on or adjacent to Desert. Provides a boost of 2 Population in this city, and has the same Tourism effects as a Hotel.

    Requires Plastics
    Cost: 1250 Production
    +2 Culture
    2 Slots for Great Works of Literature
    Contains 2 slots for Great Works of Writing, and a free Great Writer appears outside the city it is built in. Additionally, provides 2 copies of a unique Film Luxury Resource.

    Golden Gate Bridge
    Requires Radar
    Cost: 1250 Production
    +1 Culture
    +4 Gold
    +1 Great Engineer Point
    City must be built on the Coast. Increases the range of Trade Routes from this city by 25%, opens another slot for a trade route, and provides a free Cargo Ship.

    Kennedy Space Center
    Requires Rocketry
    Cost: 1250 Production
    +1 Science
    +2 Great Scientist Points
    Provides a free Spaceship Part.

    Space Needle
    Requires Lasers
    Cost: 1250 Production
    +1 Culture
    +2 Happiness
    In addition to +2 Happiness, the Space Needle provides a free Great Person of your choice and increases the empire-wide Great Person spawn rate by 25%.


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