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[BNW] Boer Civ - Colonialist Legacies 2016-10-05

The Boer Republics - Paul Kruger
by RawSasquatch (Kramer), TPangolin, ViceVirtuoso
Special Thanks to Wodhann, SuperWaffle247, bernie14

In this you mod you'll play as the astute and cunning Paul Kruger, leader of The Boers - a brave and expansive culture, seeking a land to call their own in the tribal wilderness of Southern Africa, in defiance of imperial aggression, and with disregard for native empires.

The Boers
The Great Trek - +1 Movement for Workers, Settlers, and Great People, and Settlers may withdraw when attacked by a Melee unit . +25% :c5strength: Defense to any unit stationed on a Farm.

Commando - Unique Boer Gatling Gun. At the cost of lower strength, this unit is faster than the Gatling Gun it replaces and can move after attacking. Additionally, it is unlocked with the discovery of Rifling, as opposed to Industrialization, and upgrades into Great War Infantry instead of the Machine Gun.

Staatsmuseum - The Staatsmuseum is the Boer unique building. It contains 2 slots for Great Works of Art or Artifacts, and unlike the Museum it replaces, provides +2% :c5food: Food Growth for every 2 :tourism: Tourism produced by this city, to a maximum of 20%, as well as providing points towards the civilization's next :c5goldenage: Golden Age for every Farm worked by the city. Unlocked with the discovery of Industrialization as opposed to Archaeology.

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