[BNW] California Republic (v2) 2017-10-16

[BNW] California Republic (v2)

  1. RawSasquatch
    UPDATE 10/16/17: I can't edit the download link for some reason so the REAL download link for V2 with the new LS is right here on Dropbox.

    This mod adds California under the rule of William B. Ide to the game.

    Unique Ability: Eureka
    During Golden Ages, all tiles that yield at least 1 Gold also yield +1 Science.

    Unique Great Person: Great Filmmaker
    Replaces the Great Writer. Creates Great Works unique to California that provide +1 Global Happiness to the owner, and Political Treatises that are 50% more effective.

    Unique Unit: Expeditionary
    Replaces the Lancer. Heavily repurposed into a Recon Unit more skilled at scouting than fighting. No Movement Penalties in rough terrain, +1 Sight, +1 Sight while embarked, and is unlocked earlier with Gunpowder at the cost of -3 Strength. Newly-trained Expeditionaries have unique unit names. (Model by Deliverator)

    Lua (and extreme patience): ViceVirtuoso
    Leader Scene: Ekmek
    Civilization Icon: TPangolin
    Expeditionary model: ("Conquistador Musketman") Deliverator
    Pedia Entries + Dialogue: DonStamos
    DOM Voiceover: CharlatanAlley

    Musical Credits
    Peace Theme: 'California Red Woods Concerto', by Rudi Peichert
    War Theme: 'California Über Alles', arranged on string quartet and preformed by SIX ROCKStrings


    KNOWN BUGS: Certain resources that do not have a base Gold yield but can get one through a building, improvement, or technology (See: Deer, Fish) will always yield Science during Golden Ages even if the specific tile doesn't yet provide gold.
    The opposite goes for certain things that don't yield gold in the base game, but do through certain mods. If you're playing with a mod that re-adds a gold yield to Rivers and Lakes, they still won't receive any Science during golden ages.
    It will usually take a turn to receive the happiness bonus from newly-created Great Filmmaker Works.


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