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[BNW] Chile Civilization 2016-10-05

[BNW] Chile Civilization

  1. Leugi
    Adds the Chile Civilization to Brave New World, with Bernardo O'higgins as its Leader!. This mod features Custom Leader Music.
    Update: Changed Music, now supports TSL, changed city list.

    Chile Civilization
    • Leader:
      Bernardo O'higgins
    • UA: By Reason or By Force: Coastal cities have reduced :c5culture:Culture Cost for tile gaining.. Friendly and Allied City-States generate :c5greatperson: Points towards Great Admirals, which receive the Medic promotion.
    • UU: Escuadra Nacional: Replacement for Frigate. Faster Experience bonus, cheaper to upgrade, and may capture enemy ships.
    • UB: Medialuna: Replacement for Circus. +1 :c5culture:Culture for pastures. Requires 1 Horse, Sheep or Cattle.

    Special thanks to Tomatekh and Irkalla for their help with the trait.
    [This mod uses a 2D leaderhead, since 3D leader modeling is still too obscure and mysterious. Updates to the mod will likely break saved games]

    Musical Credits

    Peace Music: Charagua, by Victor Jara Sinfónico.
    War Music: Melodías del Norte de chile byOrquesta Sinfónica Juvenil de Rancagua de Chile

    Reccommended to use with this soundtrack.

    Patria Grande: Civilizations of the Americas Thread!


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