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[BNW] City State Selection 2016-10-05

[BNW] City State Selection

  1. Gurra09
    I like playing my Civ games with themes for the world, like for example only Native American civs or only African civs. While choosing what civs to put on a map is built-in to the game already, there is no way to choose city states other than altering the game files.

    So here's a mod that let's you control what city states the game will load, and it is hopefully easier than editing the originial game files. The mod folder contains an XML file that deletes all city-states from the game. A provided readme, found in the mod folder but also in the spoiler below, tells you how to choose what city-states the game should not delete - and these will be your chosen city-states.

    This way you can easily play a game that has not only just specific civs but also specific city-states. I hope someone will enjoy this. :)

    This mod is made for BNW expansion.

    Readme on how to use the mod:
    Spoiler :
    City State Selection is a mod to allow choosing what city states to play in your game.

    In the folder for this mod you will find the CityStateSelection.xml file which contains Delete entries for all city-states.

    In the top of the XML file you will see a section like this:

    <!-- MOVE ENTRIES FOR CITY-STATES YOU WANT IN-GAME HERE (commented entries won't be deleted)


    <!-- --> means comment and any entries you put in between these will not be read by the game. This means whatever Delete entries put here will not be read by the game, and thus the game won't delete those City-States. Any Delete entries left outside the comment will be read and the game will delete those city-states for now.

    This way you can choose what city-states to play with. For example, if I wanted to play an all-Native American game I would move the entries for Cahokia and La Venta inside the comment, like this:

    <!-- MOVE ENTRIES FOR CITY-STATES YOU WANT IN-GAME HERE (commented entries won't be deleted)
    <Delete Type="MINOR_CIV_CAHOKIA"/>
    <Delete Type="MINOR_CIV_LA_VENTA"/>

    ...and the game will delete all other city-states when I activate the mod leaving only these 2 city-states available to spawn in the game.

    When you copy the Delete entries into the comment section, make sure to delete any traces of it in the other list. If you don't, the game will still see a Delete city-state entry and rule out the city-state.


    Simply extract the CityStateSelection.zip file and move the City State Selection (v1) folder to My Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization V/MODS

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