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(BNW) Dropping the C-Bomb Again (v 41) 2016-10-05

(BNW) Dropping the C-Bomb Again (v 41)

  1. isnorden
    Remember when Great Artists could claim unoccupied land in the original Civ5 game, by setting off "culture bombs"? This mod gives _all three_ Great Work-producing units (Artists, Musicians, and Writers) the culture-bombing ability. The radius, however, is half the original value; artistic Great People shouldn't be able to claim more territory than a General can.



    * To Horem and Chrome-Rome from CivFanatics; this mod builds on their original code.
    * To WHoward69 from CivFanatics; he patiently helped me find the graphics I needed.
    * To the designers at Firaxis Games; they actually made the graphics.



    * This mod requires the Brave New World expansion pack. I have no plans to release a "Gods and Kings only" edition.





    1. c_bomb_modlogo_ZVv.jpg