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BNW Enhanced Abilities 2016-10-05

BNW Enhanced Abilities

  1. Skaz881
    This is an adaptation of Cookie_Magic's BNW Enhanced Unique Abilities for all Civs (v 4) found on Steam, which turns it into a regular mod and adds enhancements to all of the civilizations while changing some of them. Please see the forum thread for a list of all of the changes.


    Cookie_Magic: Original Author
    Skaz881: Author

    Special Thanks:
    Barathor for letting me incorporate his Isabella tweak.
    JFD for allowing me to use his old New Beginnings for inspiration.
    Craig_Sutter for giving me an idea for Korea.
    LeeS, Machiavelli24 and DarkScythe for helping me figure out what I could and couldn't do with traits.
    Rob (R8XFT) for making Anno Domini as some of his traits gave me inspiration for the enhancements.