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[BNW] Haiti Civilization 2016-10-05

Adds the Haitian Civilization to Brave New World, with Touissaint Louverture as its leader!

Haiti is the Mother of Revolutions, the first independent country in Latin-America, and the first succesful slave revolt that actually led to the creation of a new country, and the first to actually abolish slavery through its constitution. The influence of Voodoo in the revolution is remarkable, as it allowed the slaves to keep their own unique identity, making Haiti a unique place among the Caribbean. Ingame, this makes her a powerful Religion-Revolution civilization, focused on using religion to facilitate conquest and earn Golden Ages
Haiti Civilization
  • Leader: Touissaint Louverture
  • UA: Mother of Revolutions: +1 Faith from plantations. Enemy cities that follow your religion are set as Occupied and grant you Golden Age Points. Adopting new Social Policies during Golden Ages requires less Culture.
  • UU: Mawon: Replacement for Musketman. Receive a combat bonus against cities when next to enemy Occupied cities. After defeating an enemy unit, the enemy has a chance of joining your side.
  • UU: Houngan Replacement for Missionary, receives the Medic promotion and suffers no effects from attrition.
  • Leugi: Concept, Build, Leaderscene, Models, most icons, coding.
  • JFD: Pedia and DOM Writing and much of the lua code, help with SQL use
  • JanBoruta: Houngan icons
  • regalman: Map art, Pedia Writing
  • Viregel: Pedia Writing
Musical Credits
Peace Music: "Voodoo" by Cyril Diaz
War Music: "United", from Assassin's Creed, Black Flag, Freedom Cry OST

Please note, if you're having issues with the Production Popup, go to the "Incompatibility" folder inside the mod files and check there for details on how to fix that.

Patria Grande: Civilizations of the Americas Thread!
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