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[BNW] Muisca Civilization 2016-10-05

Update 27/08/14: Fixed an infinite loop bug. Added more compatibility with other mods. Changed the colours so they don't look so similar to JFD's Stalin.

Adds the Muisca Civilization to Brave New World, with Nemequene as its Leader!. This mod features Custom Leader Music.

Muisca Civilization
  • Leader:
  • UA: Bochica's Teachings: Get +1 Faith for every unused 125 Gold until reaching Renassaince. Every source of Gold, Copper, Gems and Silver is doubled, and the capital provides two free Gold resources.
  • UU: Güecha: Muisca Replacement for the Longswordsman. Doesn't require Iron, but has increased manteinance cost. Starts with enough experience for a promotion and earns experience faster
  • UU: Chyquy: Replacement for the Great Prophet. Chyquys may get Holy Offerings from City-States, yielding faith and gold when delivered to a city. The Chyquy may also get Holy Offerings from Gold, Gems, Silver or Copper on neutral territory, removing the resource..

The Chyquy's earnings go as follows:
  • If less than 33% of the CS citizens follow your religion: 100 Gold and 50 Faith
  • If between 33%-66% of the CS citizens follow your religion: 200 Gold and 70 Faith
  • If between 66%-90% of the CS citizens follow your religion: 450 Gold and 80 Faith
  • If between 90%-100% of the CS citizens follow your religion: 700 Gold and 90 Faith
  • If you removed a resource: 400 Gold and 200 Faith

Please note the Chyquy must go back to a city to deliver the offerings, and it is expended in the process.
Also, since the AI can't really use the Chyquy's ability, their Chyquys get the "Deliver Exotic Goods" ability instead.

Special thanks to Tomatekh for his help with the trait and to Zipa_DH for the civ icon and map and ideas.
[This mod uses a 2D leaderhead, since 3D leader modeling is still too obscure and mysterious. Updates to the mod will likely break saved games]

Musical Credits

Peace Music: "Quimbayan Music" (Desde los 4 Suyus)
War Music: "The Settlers IV - Mayans"

Reccommended to use with this soundtrack.

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