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[BNW] Olmec Civilization 2016-10-05

Adds the Olmec Civilization to Brave New World, with U-Kix Chan as its leader!

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The Olmecs, one of the oldest civilizations in Mesoamerica, and craddle of many of their customs and technologies. Their devotion to the stars was reflected particularly in the importance of the Venus Cycles which would be the origin of the Mayan and Aztec calendars. Their warriors would be blessed on such cycles, in special ceremonies, and be known as the Konukswu, the Hallowed Ones. We know few things of the Olmecs, but even now we can see the remains of this great civilization thanks to their buildings and specially their Colossal Heads all over La Venta. In Civilization V they are a tech-oriented civilization that can influence others with their discoveries and their greatness.
Olmec Civilization
  • Leader: U Kix Chan
  • UA: Venus Cycle: After researching Calendar, your Civilization enters Venus Cycles, which increase Great People generation by +25%, and earns +1 Tourism for every Technology researched but not yet discovered by another Civilization.
  • UU: Konukswu: Replacement for Spearman. Earns Science for defeating enemy Units. +10% Combat Strength during a Venus Cycle.
  • UI: Colossal Heads: Can be constructed by any Great Person, expending the unit. +4 Science as well as an additional yield equal to the type and half the amount of the Great Person's standard Improvement. Does not remove Jungle.
  • Leugi: Overall design, art.
  • Tomatekh: Overall design, Code, Map, Pedias, and making this mod
  • JanBoruta: Icons
  • Andrew Holt / Charlatan Alley: DOM Voiceover
Disclaimer: Due to the development time the original source for the music was forgotten, if you guys know the source please help me so I can give proper credit.
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