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[BNW] Senshi's Marajoara [Artless Beta] 0.3

Moundbuilders at the mouth of the Amazon

  1. senshidenshi
    Adds the Marajoara into the game - this is an early beta version without art implemented because I want it to be permitted for CBR voting but I also wanna ensure the full mod is polished before uploading to steam. Civ is fully functional, just lacking a long city list and art as Durth wasn't happy with the current LS and wanted time to improve it.

    Design is as follows:

    Terra Preta: Cities and Great Person Improvements with access to Fresh Water spread it to adjacent tiles. Receive a free Teso in the Capital upon founding a City with access to Fresh Water.

    Snake-Canoe: Unique Marajoara replacement for the Galleass. The Snake-Canoe begins with the Bombardment I Promotion, and drains HP from adjacent enemy units at the beginning of your turn.

    Teso: Unique Marajoara replacement for the Shrine, which costs no maintenance. The Teso additionally provides +5 City Health and carries over +2% of Food when a new Citizen is born. Once per Era, Cities may construct another Teso.