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[BNW] Sikh Empire 2016-10-05

[BNW] Sikh Empire

  1. Gurra09
    Update: Version 3 of Sikh Empire is now released with Events and Decisions support. It's nothing big, just one civ-specific decision about renovating the Harmandir Sahib which gives you a Harmandir Sahib world wonder in one of your cities.

    The Harmandir Sahib wonder gives you +1 faith for each Artist, Writer, and Musician specialist. For this to work properly you need whoward's DLL, which means you'll have to use either his DLL - Various Mod Components or another mod which uses the dll as a base such as the Community Patch. You can still play the civ without whoward's dll, but the wonder won't do what it's supposed to do. If you don't play with the Events and Decisions mod you can disregard this paragraph about dll mods.

    I am proud to present my first custom civilization... the Sikh Empire!

    Screenshots: link

    LastSword for the Lua code that made the Guru UU possible.
    TPangolin, JFD and AgressiveWimp for icons.
    Wodhann for the map.
    RawSasquatch for leaderscene and DOM screen.
    danrell for the Guru unit model.
    kirtanraag for the music.
    The More Wonders team for the Harmandir Sahib wonder.
    All the nice people who gave me ideas, feedback and help. :)

    Includes mod support for the following mods: Civ IV Traits, Cultural Diversity, Ethnic Units, Events & Decisions, JFD's Piety, Map Labels, Unique Cultural Influence and YnAEMP.

    Enjoy! :)


    1. 2_dom_vAp.jpg