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[BNW] Tiwanaku Civilization 2016-10-05

Adds the Tiwanaku Civilization to Brave New World, with Huyustus as its Leader!. This mod features Custom Leader Music.

Update: 03/07/14: - Fixed the crash that sometimes happened when acquiring a city (CS also should no longer lose their CS status, they can be liberated from Tiwanaku)
- Fixed a bug with the Free Shrines attribute
- Added some flavour: Cities acquired on Plains now end in "Pampa", acquired on Desert "Tambo", acquired on Grass "Collo" and on hills or other terrains "Marka"
- City-states with more than one word (like "La Venta") will just use the longest word as a base (Turning in "Ventamarka" instead of "La Ventamarka")

Tiwanaku Civilization
  • Leader:
  • UA: Chakana Theocracy: Upon the discovery of Pottery, receive a free Shrine on your first four cities. Until the World Congress is founded, allied City-States that have been following your religion may eventually join the empire.
  • UU: Sisqeno: Replacement for the Missionary. The Sisqeno may perform a Challa Ritual on Chatallatas and Great Person Tile Improvements, increasing its yields by 2 (on Chatallatas, +1 of each yield).
  • UI: Chatallata: Unlocked at the discovery of Construction, may only be built on flatlands without grass. The Chatallata yields +1 :c5science: Science and +2 :c5faith: when built next to a city and +1 of each yield when built next to a mountain. After the discovery of Astronomy, +1 :c5science: and +1:c5faith: even when far from cities or mountains. Destroyed when pillaged.

Note about the UA. For acquiring the City-States you must have it as an ally following your religion (as a majority religion) for 12 turns (Quick), 20 turns (Standard), 30 turns (Epic), 40 turns (Marathon).

Also, about the UU. Missionary replacements are still not perfect, when buying the Sisqeno it will still be called "Missionary" and have that icon, but then after buying it becomes the Sisqeno, so no worries.

Screenshots! (not updated with the newest version)
Spoiler :

Special thanks to Tomatekh and LastSword for their help with the UA, and to Whoward for its UI tutorial.

Musical Credits

Peace Music: Lago Sagrado by Bolivian Jazz

Reccommended to use with this mod.

Post-Colonial American Civilizations Thread on CivFanatics!
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