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[BNW] Tupi Civilization v2

Adds the Tupi Civilization with Cunhambebe as its leader.

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Civilization Concept:
The Tamoyo Confederation was made by some of the Amazonian Tribes as an effort to fight against the Portuguese. A union of the Tupinambá and other tribes, they were led by Cunhambebe and later Aimberê. This makes them a good option for military cooperation ingame, getting extra units from allies and strengthening alliances with units is a way of showing the reciprocity and loyalty between the members of the Confederation. But aside from war, the Tupi were also festive and religious, so starting We Love the King days on kill, and receiving extra bonuses from them is a nice boost for the empire itself.
Main Strengths: Growth and Aggressive Diplomacy.

UA: The Tamoyo Confederation:
Allied City-States that are not Militaristic may gift units. Gifting units to City-States grants more Influence.
UU: Uybabaeté: May indirect fire, unlike the Composite Archer which it replaces. When an enemy is killed near the Uybabaeté, they gain a stack of "We Love the King Day". When the Uybabaeté moves into a city, the stacks are converted into turns of "We Love the King Day" in the city. (Up to 5 stacks)
UI: Maloca: Unlocked at the discovery of Calendar, may only be built on flat Forest or Jungle and not adjacent to one another tiles granting +1· Culture.
When built on a Resource it is connected and it also grants +1 Production more.
During a "We Love the King Day" the adjacency restriction is removed and they generate an additional +1 Culture.

Included Compatibility:
· JFD's Cultural Diversity.
· JFD's Rise to Power.
· JFD's Cities in Development
· JFD's Exploration Continued Expanded
· Sukritact's Events & Decisions
· Yet (not) Another Earth Map Pack
· Ethnic Units
· Civ IV Leader Traits in Civ V
· Unique Cultural Influence.
· Tomatekh's Historical Religions
· Leugi's Panem et Circenses
· Leugi: Civilization Design, Code and most Art.
· Tomatekh: UA Code.
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