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Bob's Liberty Buff 2016-10-05

Quoted from the following thread:

"I got tired of rolling Tradition every game I played, and was starting miss the old Wide play style from pre-BNW. So, I buffed Liberty to be approximately on par with tradition...

Opener: +1 :c5culture: in every City; Reduces the policy cost penalty of each City by 50%.
Republic: +1 :c5production: in every City. Workshops and Marketplaces are built in half the usual time.
Collective Rule: A free Settler appears near the Capital; Settlers are trained 50% faster in all Cities.
Citizenship: A free Worker appears near the Capital, Workers work 25% faster; 4 units are maintenance free.
Representation: During Golden Ages, for every non-puppeted City receive +1 Great Merchant, Engineer, and Scientist Point in the City, where the National Epic was built. Also starts a Golden Age.
Meritocracy: -33% :c5unhappy: from number of Cities; +1 :c5gold: for every City connected to the Capital.
Finisher: Receive a :c5science: bonus (up to 20%) while the empire is happy. It also allows the purchase of Golden Ages with :c5faith: starting in the Industrial Era."

I consider this release a semi-beta. I'm definitely looking for in-depth feedback regarding what you feel is OP or what is underperforming."
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